Welcome to the services offered through the Department of Prevention and Intervention.  If you have a school-related problem, we want to help solve it.  Fresno Unified School District and the Department of Prevention and Intervention are deeply committed to:

  • Building strong partnerships with our students and their families
  • Working with community agencies and businesses to support student success
  • Connecting families to services designed to make school a successful experience

This website is dedicated to:

  • Providing important information about our district and the many services available to ensure that students have access to many educational opportunities
  • “How to” pathways for accessing all of the services and resources your child is eligible to receive

Does your child need a mentor or other social emotional support? Help on how to find the right school for your child? Understanding attendance requirements or discipline procedures? We’re here to help you navigate through the many services and options designed to help students succeed. Please contact us at (559) 457-3340. We look forward to working with you to help every student reach his or her potential.​


Main Phone: (559) 457-3340

Fax: (559) 457-3373

Address: 1350 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721

Our Offices

Ambra O’Connor
Executive Director

Caine Christensen

Rita Baharian, Director

Rita Baharian

​Attendance & SARB​Kristi Jackson​559 - 457-3942
​Behavioral Intervention​Joe Zavala​559 - 457-6056
Mentoring & Alliance​Darrin Person​559 - 457-3369
Project ACCESS​Tumani Heights​559 - 457-3359
​Restorative Practices​Erica Hasenbeck​559 - 457-3357
​Climate & Culture Tier I​Rita Baharian​559 - 457-6066
​Student Discipline​Lisa Cullers​559 - 457-3348
​Student Support Services​Caine Christensen​559 - 457-3940

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