Welcome to the services offered through the Department of Prevention and Intervention.  If you have a school-related problem, we want to help solve it.  Fresno Unified School District and the Department of Prevention and Intervention are deeply committed to:

  • Building strong partnerships with our students and their families
  • Working with community agencies and businesses to support student success
  • Connecting families to services designed to make school a successful experience


Main Phone: (559) 457-3340

Fax: (559) 457-3373

Address: 1350 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721

Our Offices

Ambra O’Connor
Executive Director

Caine Christensen, Director

Caine Christensen

Rita Baharian, Director

Rita Baharian

​Attendance & SARB​Kristi Jackson​559 - 457-3942
​Behavioral Intervention​Joe Zavala​559 - 457-6056
Mentoring & Alliance​Darrin Person​559 - 457-3369
Project ACCESS​Tumani Heights​559 - 457-3359
​Restorative Practices​Erica Hasenbeck​559 - 457-3357
​School Climate​Rita Baharian​559 - 457-6066
​Student Discipline​Lisa Cullers​559 - 457-3348
​Student Support Services​Caine Christensen​559 - 457-3940

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