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Overview of Home & Hospital Instruction

Education Code: E.C. 48207
Administrative Regulation: A.R. 6183

Home & Hospital Instruction, (HHI) is available to students who have been declared to have a temporary disability due to illness, condition or injury. For purposes of this service, a student must be declared home bound by their treating physician and unable to leave their home, hospital room or residential health facility and unable to attend an alternative education program offered through the district. The student must be a resident of the district and enrolled in a school site within the district.

Home & Hospital Instruction (HHI) maintains a continuity of instruction during a period of temporary disability for a student who is unable to attend their regular school day.  A credentialed teacher who matches the educational needs of the student is assigned to the student to ensure a smooth transition back to school when able to return.

Students with an Individualized Education Plan, (IEP) who are being recommended for HHI must have an IEP meeting to assess the medical report form from the attending physician, surgeon, or of the psychologist, as appropriate, stating the diagnosed condition and certifying the severity of the condition prevents the pupil from attending a less restrictive placement.  The report shall include a projected calendar date for the pupil’s return to School. (CCR 351.4)

Contact the Home & Hospital Instruction Office for an application at 559-457-3344.

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