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The Alliance Creed

“We are committed, dedicated, and prepared. We choose to live honorably, responsibly, and we will not let negativity stop or prevent us from reaching our goals. We accept the challenge to succeed, learn and to be career ready graduates. We Accept the Challenge”

The mission of the Men’s and Women’s Alliance program is to help students develop personal behavior and academic skills that will lead to success in the classroom, career and adult lives.

About Us

The Men’s and Women’s Alliance was developed in 2009 to address the staggering drop-out rate of at-risk students within the Fresno Unified School District. Stationed in Fresno, California, the Alliance is an elective course where students learn skills to develop personal responsibility, self-control, social skills and how to improve themselves academically. This program goes beyond the realm of academia and addresses personal dilemmas such as, learning how to better family members and how to resist peer pressure. The administrators and associates of the Men’s and Women’s Alliance are aware of the social impacts that occur outside of the class room and include coping methods in the curriculum. Currently the program expands throughout 6 high schools and 4 middle schools in Fresno, CA.

Students in the Alliance program range from middle schoolers to seniors in high school and are involved in a variety of program activities.

Program Activities

  • Daily Men’s Alliance Class
  • Professional Dress Code
  • College Tours
  • Community Guest Speakers
  • Team Building Activities
  • Parent Engagement
  • Job Skills
  • Career Readiness component
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