At the start of the 2011-2012 school year Fresno Unified School District received a grant from Kaiser Permanente in Fresno to enhance the program by adding a career readiness component.

As a result, selected students from each site will be provided with work-based learning opportunities, tours of local employers and job shadowing assignments in a variety of career fields.

In addition, participating students will receive:

  1. Soft skills Training (prior to work experience)
  2. Paid work experience (4-10 hours a week)
  3. Job shadowing opportunities
  4. College and Business tours
  5. Presentations from prominent guest speakers

Work Requirements

In order to acquire a work permit in the Fresno Unified School District the following minimum standards must be adhered to in attendentce, grades and citizenship.

  1. Students must be enrolled in five courses per quarter in order to maintain a work permit.
  2. Students with six or more days of unexcused absences or thirty six individual period absences/tardy per quarter will have their work permit on probation.
  3. Students must have a quarterly grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better to work.
  4. Students must maintain appropriate conduct in citizenship. Suspension, expulsion, or conduct referrals will result in the work permit being placed on probation.
  5. Students must provide a form of identity(student ID card, California ID, or any form of identification with students name and photo) and social security card.
  6. Students may still be employed and work during the probation period. Subsequent violations though will result in the permit being revoked. Students may re-apply for another permit after the revocation period provided that they have met the district’s minimum requirements.

How to Apply for a Work Permit

  1. Counselor will meet with qualified students to go over the requirements and standards in order to receive a work permit and how to fill out the work application.
  2. Students must have the following: two copies of student ID and two copies of their social security card. **Note the student’s name on the ID card must match the name on their SS card.
  3. Students will then fill out both the work application and work permit application they received from their teacher, making sure that all required signatures and dates are filled out. Please attach a copy of the student ID and SS card to both applications.
  4. After completion, students will turn their work application back to their teacher and their work permit application to the job developer.
  5. After the applications are processed, students will be required to submit a schedule of the times they are free to work into their teacher.

**NOTE: Students who have been previously employed by FUSD only need to complete the work permit application.

Getting Placed

  1. After the applications have been processed by our department, students will be able to pick job sites from a list provided by us that they are interested in.
  2. All students will then be interviewed by the business/work sites.
  3. Once the interviews are over, students will be matched at their job sites based on their interests, interviews and performance in the classroom.
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