Leadership Activities

A leadership class is integrated into the high school and middle school instructional day and taught by a certified teacher. Students will:

  • Develop a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and a sense of personal responsibility
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and the skills it measures, including self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills
  • Build Skills in public speaking and communication as well as an understanding of personal image
  • Develop and understanding of principle-based decision-making and learn to make responsible personal and financial decisions
  • Recognize and resist peer pressure
  • Learn to become better family members and citizens


Trained adult mentors provide small group and one-on-one mentoring to the young men and women. Mentors are recruited from the community, colleges, and professional organizations. Mentors meet with students a minimum of once a week.

Career and College Awareness/Employment Readiness

Students will be exposed to a variety of career options and will have the opportunity to visit the worksite of Alliance guest speakers. There is also an 8 week career exploration program that teaches and provides pre-employment/work maturity skills, resume building, interview skills, college readiness, internships, job fairs, and follow-up job placement services to all 11th and 12th grade participants.

Service Learning

It is believed that those who serve others undergo better social, psychological and intellectual development than those who do not. That is why students in the Alliance program will be engaged as leaders through community service projects.

Cultural Events

These events are designed to expose students to places and activities they might not otherwise access. They attend one Fresno State athletic event each year as well as an annual trip to the Museum of Tolerance located in Los Angeles. These trips are meant to expand the students’ world view and increase acceptance of others.

Parent Engagement

FUSD’s Parent University’s aim is to strengthen and sustain meaningful family engagement. Parent University provides many stand-alone courses and 9-week, school site based modules in partnership with organizations such as Parent Institute for Quality Education. The university provides training to parents to enable them to be more engaged in the Alliance program and build skills that they can use at home to support academic behavior changes.

We are committed, dedicated, and prepared. We choose to live honorably, responsibly, and we will not let negativity stop or prevent us from reaching our goals. We accept the challenge to succeed, learn and to be career ready graduates.

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