The mission of the FUSD mentoring program is to develop a culture of mentoring that will increase the number of quality mentoring relationships for FUSD students, to enable them to reach their full academic potential.

A mentor is a person who gives their time to provide guidance, motivation and encouragement to assist students in the achievement of education and career goals.

What is Required?

  • Fill out the online application form
  • One on one interview is needed before admission
  • Must be a college student, working individual, parent, teacher or anyone with a high school degree
  • A commitment to volunteer for at least one hour per week during class time.
  • A criminal background check (required if you receive a position)
  • Be able to attend a general orientation/training session.
  • A sincere desire to working with students

Where will I be placed?

  • Mentors will be placed with one student at one of the following high schools (Hoover, Roosevelt, Fresno High, Sunnyside, Edison, and McLane) or middle schools (Baird, Sequoia, Tehipite and Scandinavian).

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