What kind of qualifications are required to become a mentor/volunteer?

The adult volunteers are members of the Fresno community that include business and professional, parents, school staff, and college students.

How does the application process work?

All potential mentors must complete an online mentor application. Fingerprinting and a background check is required. Afterwards, applicants are invited to a personal interview that is conducted by one of our staff members. If accepted into the program, you will be contacted to attend a mentor orientation/training session.

What kind of qualities do you look for in a volunteer?

The type of mentors we seek are those who express sincere interest, passion, and commitment to improving the lives of these young men and women.

Who do I send my application to?

Online application submissions will be received by Darrin Person.

When can I expect to hear of my decision?

The review process of volunteers is fairly quick. We usually notify applicants of their decision from 2-3 weeks from when their application has been received.

Will I be trained how to become a mentor?

Yes, all accepted applicants undergo a orientation/training session. 

How much time must I dedicate to mentoring?

We usually require our mentors to meet with their students once a week for one hour, but you may volunteer more time if you so desire. Meetings are held during class time under the supervision of the teacher. The days and times are to be arranged, for at least one semester.

What are the duties of a mentor?

A mentor is a person who gives his or her time to talk with a student and help them in anyway as possible. Their job is to listen, provide guidance as well as encouragement to their student. They may also be required to help with schoolwork in order to move them towards graduation.

What are the duties of a general volunteer?

Volunteers will be helping out at community service events, organizing school trips, engaging with students at school sites and other program needs.

How many kids will I be mentoring?

Each mentor may be assigned more than one student depending on the need. Students are carefully matched with volunteer mentors based on similar interests and personalities.

Where will I be placed?

Mentors will be placed at either of the 6 high schools (Edison, Roosevelt, Mclane, Fresno High, Sunnyside, and Hoover) or 4 middle schools (Baird, Sequoia, Tehipite, Scandinavian). General volunteers will be notified on a day by day basis.

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