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High School Graduation


Social Emotional Support Manager

​Jose Zavala 
Social Emotional Support Manager II

2011 Fresno St.
Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: (559) 457-6057
Fax: (559) 457-3375 
Email: jose.zavala@fresnounified.org

Interagency Child Empowerment Team (ICET)

The Interagency Child Empowerment Team is a Tier III intervention that provides a multi-agency comprehensive review of elementary students (K-6th) . The main purpose of ICET is to assist in providing recommendations, outside supports, and intensive evidence-based interventions to students and their family to aide in their academic success. The ICET consists of representatives from Fresno Unified School District, Department of Children and Family Services (includes Mental Health and Social Services), and Pacifica clinics. The goal of the ICET is to provide appropriate resources for the student, school site, and families that are based on the specific needs of the student. A student can be referred for an ICET meeting by submitting​ a Tier III Intensive Intervention Referral (located in documents).

Behavior Intervention Specialists (BIS)

The Behavior Intervention Specialist is a potential Tier III support that may be provided for General Education students (PK-3rd) that are exhibiting a pattern of intensive behaviors. The BIS uses Applied Behavior Analysis to determine the function of a behavior. The BIS provides individualized supports and strategies that are evidence-based, aides in the development of an Intervention Plan, and coaches and models implementation of selected interventions to all stakeholders involved with assigned student. The primary goal of a BIS is to build the capacity of the student, teacher, parents, and other stakeholders in efforts to decrease/extinguish the intensive behaviors and aide in academic success. A BIS is assigned by referral only (Tier III Intensive Intervention Referral, located in documents) and their timeline of support varies based on student need. ​

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