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Student Support Services Director

Abigail Arii
Director, Student Support Services

Department of Prevention & Intervention
1350 M Street, Fresno, CA, 93721
Phone: 559-457-3940; Fax: 559-457-3373
Email: Abigail.Arii@fresnounified.org

Our Mission

Fostering success through wellness, resiliency, and transformation by providing exceptional and culturally sensitive mental health, social emotional, and academic support.

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Student Support Services provides a wide array of Social Emotional Support in addressing barriers that lead to academic achievement and success.

Our Programs

  1. Attendance/SARB
  2. Project ACCESS
  3. Clinical School Social Work/Counseling
  4. Restoring the Learning Environment Counselors (RLE)
  5. Social Emotional Wellness and Support

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