Bee Xiong, Restoring The Learning Environment Counselor

Bee Xiong, MA. Ed, PPSC
RLE Counselor, Student Support Services

Location and Contact:

Edison High: Friday, (559) 457-2732
McLane High: Thursday, (559) 248-1076​
Sunnyside High: (559) 253-3234
Roosevelt High: (559) 253-5318

Mission Statement​

Restoring the Learning Environment (RLE) counselors provide support to at-risk Southeast Asian students to increase academic, social-emotional, and personal success to become college and career ready graduates.

Services Provided:



The goal of parent engagement (PE) is to enhance Hmong parents’ cognizance of social-emotional, academic, cultural and other issues Hmong students face at home & in school. 

The workshops provided are as follows: 

  • Social-emotional health awareness 
  • High school and postsecondary education requirements 
  • High school graduation requirements 
  • 4-year college requirements (A-G)

Coordination of the Southeast Asian Mentoring Enrichment (S.A.M.E)

Mentoring promotes healthy and positive relationships to students impacting academic success and emotional health.  The Southeast Asian Mentoring Enrichment program links Southeast Asian students to mentors who meet with them monthly to learn and discuss life skills, goal planning, healthy relationships, and other prosocial skills.  


Case Management

RLE counselors provide direct services to 7 – 12 ​grade Southeast Asian students.

Wellness Screenings

The RLE counselors complete a student wellness questionnaire in initial meetings with students to discuss appropriate recommended intervention related to emotional health. 

Individual Counseling

RLE counselors provide one-on-one counseling to students regarding academic, attendance, social-emotional, college, career, familial, cultural, and personal challenges.

Academic Che​​cklist

The RLE counselors review students’ graduation credits and A-G requirements using ATLAS to ensure students meet graduation and four-year college admission requirements.  If a student is deficient in credit the counselors explore the best way to assist with credit recovery through an array of alternatives.

Social-Emotional, Academic, College, Career and Personal Aspiration (SEACCPA)

The RLE counselors meet with students to assist with goal-setting in different domains of a student’s life. When the SEACCP is completed the RLE counselors  follow up with the student monthly to monitor progress.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is provided or coordinated for students with social-emotional, academic, familial and personal concerns.  In the socio-educational groups, students are given the opportunity to share their personal experience and learn various ways to be motivated, stay in school, and be college and ready graduates.

Cultural Broker Services

It is crucial for school personnel and Hmong families to understand one another in terms of school policies and cultural practices.  Cultural broker services shall be provided to help Hmong parents navigate school support services to close the gap between school and home, especially linguistic and cultural gap. Services are provided to staff by bridging, facilitating, and linking families to appropriate resources, resolving barriers, and increasing engagement between families, students, and schools. 

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