The Alliance Creed

We are the Alliance

We Accept the Challenge
We have high expectations of ourselves and Alliance peers.
We work hard so that we can excel in school and life

We Accept the Challenge
We are respectful to adults, our community, and fellow students
We will not be afraid to ask for help or to support others in need.

We Accept the Challenge
We are committed, dedicated, and prepared.
We choose to live honorably, responsibly, and
We will not let negativity stop or prevent us from reaching our goals
We accept the challenge to Succeed, Learn, and
to be Career Ready Graduates.

We Accept the Challenge

Program Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of the Men’s and Women’s Alliance program is to help students develop personal behavior and academic skills that will lead to success in the classroom, career and adult lives.


  • Create an academic atmosphere that will nurture and excel student learning
  • Provide skills to increase coping skills to manage negative behaviors that lead to suspension/expulsion
  • Provide extracurricular opportunities aligned to career, college and post secondary options
  • Create positive self-awareness, respect, and relationships with peers and adults
  • Empower leadership development


  • Increased graduation rates
  • Reduced behaviors that lead to suspension and expulsion incidents
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved school attendance and participation
  • Increased job readiness opportunities
  • Increased social and life skills

History of Alliance

The Alliance Program was launched in 2009 as an elective course and comprehensive program for male and high school students with the core mission to “address student’s behaviors by providing them with leadership and life skills so that they can reach their full academic potential and become productive citizens.”

The program was first piloted at three comprehensive high schools (Edison, Hoover and Sunnyside) serving approximately 75 students (25 males at each site). The Alliance Program soon expanded in 2012 to included female and middle school students and additional school sites.

Today, the Alliance Program is at every comprehensive high and middle school and several specialty schools and provides service to over 1100 students. The program provides an array of strategies including Student Success (academic strategies), Social Emotional (SEL) and Leadership aimed to help students succeed in school and in life.

Program Features

  • Daily Alliance Class
  • Student Success Strategies
  • Professional Attire
  • Service Learning
  • Tutoring Services
  • Student Mentoring
  • Guest Speakers
  • Field Trips
  • Career Readiness- Student Work Opportunities
  • Alliance Magazine
  • Parent Engagement

Daily Alliance Class

  • Curriculum for course focuses on character and leadership development, behavior modification, social emotional learning, code switching, conflict resolution, personal responsibility, etc.

Student Success Strategies

  • Increasing academic skills in students through iterative accountability and personal responsibility measures.

Professional Attire

  • Students wear attire with Alliance logo (polo) to school on selected days of the week.

Service Learning

  • Students are required to complete 20 hours of community service each semester (e.g., peer mentoring, tutoring, service learning, etc.)

Tutoring Services

  • Students attend weekly tutoring sessions. Tutors assist students in various subjects (i.e., Math, English, Science)

Student Mentoring

  • Students are matched with an adult mentor from the community and/or school site.

Guest Speakers

  • Various community members (e.g., students, job professionals, college students) speak with students on a monthly basis.

Field Trips

  • Students attend college tours, cultural field trips, and retreats throughout the school year.

Career Readiness- Student Work Opportunities

  • Eligible students will have the opportunity to gain valuable paid work experience through partnerships with local businesses.

Alliance Magazine

  • Students write, design, and produce the “Alliance Magazine.”

Parent Engagement

  • Parents of the Alliance students will attend Alliance Orientation and mid-term Parent Night to discuss progress of student.

How To Enroll Student

If you would like to enroll your son or daughter to be enrolled in the Alliance Program, please do one of the following:

For middle school students: Contact the school’s counseling department and let them know you are interested in having your son/daughter enrolled in the Alliance Program.

For high school students: Contact your son/daughter’s counselor and let them know you are interested in having your son/daughter enrolled in the Alliance Program. High school students can only be enrolled at the beginning of the school year, prior to the 2nd semester (after winter break), or when transferring from another school.

You can also contact one of the Alliance staff for information on how to enroll your son/daughter or for any questions you have pertaining to the Alliance Program.


Manual Vidal
Mentor Facilitator, M&W Alliance

Maxine Dadoorian
Mentor Facilitator, M&W Alliance

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